The ASEF Classroom Network Conference encompass of the following elements:

1.  Knowledge Building Phase (Pre-Conference)
A 6-8 week long virtual phase to equip participants with basic knowledge on the  topic before the actual conference.
Participants are given access to reading materials and various learning resources prior to the knowledge building phase begins. They also participate in webinars by experts and engaged in group discussions and will also work on individual and team assignments designed by the ASEF ClassNet Team.

2.  Enrichment
Research Presentations, expert talks, and panel discussions on the conference theme.
Teachers take inspiration from good practices across Asia and Europe, with particular focus on host country case studies.

3.  Development & Training
Practical workshops and training sessions for actively promoting the theme of the conference and tech education.
Teachers get tips and feedback from thematic and tech education experts on how to instil the appropriate values and skills in their students.

4.  School Collaboration Project Showcase
Presentations of outstanding ASEF ClassNet School Collaboration projects.
Participant teachers of an outstanding school collaboration present their innovative teaching & learning activities from the project to highlight learners’ achievements.

5.  Networking
Opportunities for multi-stakeholder partnership building to drive innovative teaching & learning activities.
Asian and European teachers, education experts, Ed-tech experts network to find potential partner for organising and driving independent teaching & learning activities on the conference topic.

6.  Study Visit
From theory to practice: case study visits of local schools, education institutions or an event in correlation with the theme of the conference.
Participants are invited to learn more about the local education environment and to embark on a study tour that showcases the use of novel or good practices in the field of the conference’s theme.

7.  Contributions by Teachers to the ASEM Education Process
Presentation of the results of ASEM-wide surveys.
Participants reflect on research and survey results regarding experiences in the classroom and aspirations for the future, and consider how to enhance secondary, high, and vocational school tech education across ASEM partner countries.

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