The ASEF Classroom Network’s Mission is to provide¬†opportunities for collaborative learning and intercultural exchanges through the use of ICT among secondary, vocational and high schools in ASEM Partner countries. It has been doing so since it was established in 1998.

Its activities are both face-to-face and online. The focal point of face-to-face activities is the ASEF Classroom Network Conference, which takes place on an annual basis alternating between Asia and Europe. The network is also fertile ground for face-to-face school exchanges; these are often an off-shoot of ASEF ClassNet’s online activities. The online activities are widespread and on-going; the highlight being the many diverse and interdisciplinary Online Collaborations that ASEF ClassNet teachers design and carry out with students across Asia and Europe.

Through constant project development, cross-cultural collaboration, and leveraging expertise across Asia and Europe, we continuously work towards achieving the ASEF Classroom Network’s Mission.

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