The ASEF ClassNet Online Collaboration “iMagz – Making Myself Heard” is about creating a magazine which where you can write articles and post photos on any topics in our own way. The members of the said collaboration are students. I am one of those students. As a part of this Online Collaboration, I have learned lots of things which helped me to express myself in a better way. I once did post an article in the previous local issue in Philippines, “Reproductive Health Bill” which is a law now. I was able to write there about what is my opinion about the issue. I was also able to read others articles, poems, and stories. There, I saw how creative and imaginative the youths are today. I also met new friends not just from my country, not just from Asia, but also in Europe.

The students also shared with their culture and some events that happened in their own country. Knowing what is happening to other countries gave me many ideas and knowledge more than what I know about them. Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. Being part of iMagz is a once in a lifetime opportunity, huge wonderful opportunity that came into my life. I would like to thank the people behind this Online Collaboration, Ms Glecy Aileen Gonzales-as our Teacher Guide, Ms Evangeline Manguilimotan, our Adviser, and Ms Geeta Rajan, the main Online Collaboration coordinator. Our hard effort was really amazing that it was repaid by a Gold Award.

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